Pricing reaches +300 potential clients monthly. These are people looking for good windsurfing deals.

Be part of the marketplace means we will start listing your products and promoting your best deals.

We guaranteed you more customers visiting your products, making them more discoverable.

Here’s how it works: after paying, we integrate your products into the marketplace.

That means your product will be start appear in our website, reaching potential clients. If you add or remove products in your shop we keep synchronize with them automagically.

Also we promote your best deals into our social networks.

We will start sending potential customers to your shop, which will end the purchase process using your platform.

19 / mo


  • Daily Synchronization
  • Max 100 items
  • Social promotion
99 / mo


  • Every 10 minutes Synchronization
  • Above 300 items
  • Social promotion

Our pricing plan is based in how big your shop is.

We recommend start with the small plan, try it out and see if it works. And if you need another boost in traffic, come back and upgrade to next plan.

For any question you can email us at [email protected]