Introducing v3.0.0

September 6, 2017

windtoday loves your mobile.

We are very excited to announce the new version of We called it version 3.0.0 🎉.

This new version is focused on improving the mobile experience, optimizing all the application menus to be accessible with one hand.

Let’s walk through what’s been improved and what’s altogether new!

Mobile First

The new design is oriented for mobile devices.

From the first version of the application we learned that people access it mainly from mobile device, so we decide redesign the website to be completely mobile friendly and handled by one hand.

This includes a new design. Of course you can still visit the website from your computer, but now the mobile experience is better.

Sorting products

Clicking in the floating button for see sort criterias.

In the application, the products are showed following a certain order.

The sort way that we use for show products are based in a price score analyzing of each product in the market, using similar products to him as reference.

This makes possible show first the right deals, not only based in the price, also taking in consideration year, condition, material or size.

We recommend you read How Catch Best Offers to learn more about that.

The thing that we included now is the possibility to change the sort criteria.

For example, if you are interested in check the latest products added in the marketplace, now you can do it.

This open a world of possibilities, like sort results by year or price; We are exploring more useful criteria to be added in the future.

Applying filters while you are navigating.

Our mission is to provide all the information to you, and you can choose the right product. This includes you show a lot of filters to apply in the current search, like price, year, brands, size, material, …

The point is, we have a lot of filters, and it’s sometimes difficult to show you all the information. Actually we do not need it; We simplify the process designing a better way to apply filters that we call it tagging filtering.

Now, each product in the market has a set of tags related to the product (year, condition, range of size, material). Simply clicking on them you filter all the marketplace just to see products with this tag.

You can apply different tag filters at the same time and refine the search easily. This makes the process more friendly, showing less unnecessary information.

Showing technical information

Seeing technical information related with the product.

We was lacked this feature in previous versions of, but now it has been added it.

When you click in an product, instead of go directly to the shop, now you will see more technical information related with the product.

This new behavior of the application make easier go back and check similar product without lose the focus in the search.

It makes easy sharing the URL as well.

Check it out at 💨.


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