How to write good products

May 8, 2017

We do more that you thing

This computational step is necessary for be possible lately use the search and apply filters, query on real time and the rest of stuff.

This is no different than how Google works. All time you read about SEO for Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are reading exactly the same thing: How to make easy for the process read the data.

The one line title

Because we are integrated with shops around the world, we detected pattern that are more effective and make easy make a good integration.

The point is reduce all the minimal information related with the item in one line. A good pattern for that is:


As you can see:

  • It reduces all the minimal information in one line.
  • The information follow a determinate structure.
  • The structure is predictable.

Always use units

Even if you are defining the title for a sail size or a mast carbon, always use the right unit.

  • Sails Size: Goya Eclipse 3.7m 2011 - 90€
  • Board Size: Fanatic Viper Soft Deck 91L 2016 - 941€
  • Mast Carbon: NeilPryde X35 C35 SDM 2015 - 164€
  • Mast Size: SDM NeilPryde X3 400cm - 150€

It makes the information complete.

Same item, different size

A common case in a shop is the ability to offer the same item in different sizes. Also the price has a little increment when the size is bigger.

A simple approach for solving that is to create a unique item per each size variation.

Another smart way would be just offer an unique item and leave in the user the ability to choose the size variation, also including the price increment:

How to handle different size of the same item

Even if you need to attach more than one properties with the item, always use units:

A mast specifying size, carbon percentage and extra price.

Second hand section per each category

It’s a good approach that shops offers second hand stock as well. We love it!

The best way to handle it is include the section per each category second hand section per each category


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