Basic Search

May 6, 2017

Start typing what you want

Just write what you want and automatically the results will be refresh on real time based on the typed criteria.

We want to find a good Starboard iSonic

More closest criteria will return less and more closest results.

Refine the results

After search something, maybe you are interested in get a more specific results.

For example, based on a range of price. Or just you want new items. Or both.

Apply the filters that you can see in the lateral menus.

  • Left filters are more generic (price, year, condition, category…)
  • Right filters are more specific a closest with each category (% of carbon, material of construction, size range…).
After the first search, we want to apply a price limitation

Cleanup and start again

When you find what you want, you can easily perform a new search. Just click in the wind icon for clean the current search and it start again.

It's moment to start a new search, so cleanup the current criteria


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