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May 7, 2017

The search is designed for provide you as results as possible based in the input criteria.

Also, the search engine is smart:

  • No matters if you write in lowercase or uppercase, search is insensitive.
  • No matters if you don’t write the right query, search is typo tolerance.

This means, even if you don’t sure about the right name for a brand or model, the search engine try to resolve the query gracefully.

On the other hand, if you want to perform a exact search, disabling this default behavior, just the thing you have to do is enter the query using "", like "NeilPryde Combat".

We want to find a good Starboard iSonic

Maybe you are interested in exclude a particular set of results.

That’s useful when you are looking for good prices closest to a brand, but you wnat to exclude a set of models (for example, you are interested in slalom models and you want to exclude wave or freestyle models)

You can use the - symbol for this action, in this case, NeilPryde -combat.

We want to find a good Starboard iSonic

The aside filters make possible refine the current search, but also provide you extra information: It shows you the distribution of the data, and you can get a more high level vision about what brands are more present in the market.

Looks like North have more presence in the market than the rest of sails brands

One consideration here is that the component have a search inside. In the screenshot you see a total of 10 brands, but this doesn’t means that in the search alive more than 200 brands: The brands filter is showing you just the Top10 more present brands.

You can use the internal search (or expand the component) for see the rest.

This query search for all the NeilPryde models except Combat model


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